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Zero waste T-shape baby diaper machine

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

T-shape baby diaper, which includes a fabric main body, an adsorption core and a leak-proof partition edge. The T-shape baby diaper is characterized in that the leak-proof partition edge is distributed on the periphery of the fabric main body, its ears and left and right waist tapes are arranged on two sides of the upper part of the fabric main body, the ears are connected with the leak-proof partition edge, a front waist tape is arranged under the fabric main body, a leak-proof rubber string is arranged on the leak-proof partition edge, and the adsorption core body and a stream guide layer are combined together. When in use, the front waist tape at the front end and the left and right waist taps on the ears at the rear end are spliced together to form an annular waist belt, the diaper has the T-shape, the annular waist belt can play the role of a diaper cover or a waist belt in the prior art, the leak-proof effect is good, the diaper feel soft and comfortable, the use is convenient, and the baby diaper doesn't fall off easily. T shape diaper type is common in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Elastic film material is cut to shape and attached to non woven material.

T shape diaper machine
T shape diaper machine

Zero waste means the raw material no any waste during diaper manufacturing process in the diaper machine, that's easy to reach by special cutting unit, the diaper maker can save more raw material from daily production.

Full Servo Controlled T-shape Diaper Machine

Ⅰ. Machine name : Full Servo Controlled T-shape Diaper Machine

1.0 Mode: FS-YNK-3008 ( Zero Waste Type)

2.0 Basic Technical Parameters:

2.1 Finished product : T-shape diapers(S/M/L/XLsize);

2.2 Products drawing :

Material composition:Leak-proof cuff NW, Top-sheet NW, ADL, Tissue/NW, Fluff pad with SAP, Back sheet, ,Elastic ear, Hook and loop fastener, Front ear NW,Frontal waist tape, waist elastic band,Elastic etc.

2.3 Design speed : 600PPM

Working speed : 500PPM

2.4Wastage : ≤3%

2.5Efficiency : ≥85%

2.6Power : 3 phases 380V AC, 50HZ 3ph + N

2.7Control power : 24V DC

2.8Installed capacity : about 550KW

2.9Air compressor capacity : 3m³/min,0.6-0.8Mpa(Prepared by buyer)

2.10Location dimension : L~60m,W~10m,H~5m (Dust collection & Packing units inside)

2.11Untreated pulp crusher : 1 unit

2.12Stacker : OPTIMA system has such function

2.13Machine direction : Customizable 

2.14Machine color : Customizable

2.15Safety measures:

2.15.1 Safety ID according to CE standard.

2.15.2 All electronic elements certified by 3C, UL or CE.

2.15.3 Anti-shock & anti-lightning.

2.15.4 Safety protection shield.

2.15.5 Potentially dangerous parts (such as cutting unit, blades, etc.) are equipped with safety measures, and are marked with warning signs and safety ID.

2.15.6 The machine is equipped with an emergency braking device, press it to stop the operation of the equipment immediately.

2.15.7 Start in sequence.

2.15.8 Each power supply circuit and control circuit are relatively independent. If a circuit fails, it will not affect other circuits.

2.15.9 Each circuit has air switch and relay protection measures, motor has over heat & over load protection.

2.15.10 Alarming system (sound and light alarming)

Ⅱ. Automation :

1.0 Japan MITSUBISHI full series servo shaft-less transmission & control system.

2.0 The raw material adopts the central decoiling by constant tension mechanism (except for pulp, Hook and loop fastener,SAP etc).

3.0 The raw material adopts the decoiling method by controlled servo motor, and the single roll use controlled independent motor (except for pulp, Hook and loop fastener etc).

4.0 The raw material adopts the automatic splicing metho, (except for pulp, Hook and loop fastener etc).

5.0 Automatic remove the waste products during raw materials changing period.

6.0 The machine has raw material braking inspection, automatic inspection, material absence inspection, raw material splicing inspection, automatic counting functions etc..

7.0 Each motion units take independent servo motor, to enhance the accuracy of transmission and stability.

8.0 The servo motion controller provide the accurate synchronization control for servo motors.

9.0 Automatic hot melt adhesive spray, automatic stop, support manual control mode changing.

10.0 Human-machine interface touch screen control method, visible operation mode.

11.0 Automatic three colors & loud sound alarming light.

12.0 Fault display screen installed on the top of output area.

Ⅲ. Main Allocation :


1.1Japan MITSUBISHI servo control system.

1.2Japan MITSUBISHI PLC& motion control system.

1.3Schneider & SIEMENS brand electronics.

1.4Japan YAMATAKE or OMRON temperature controller.

1.5USA Mercotac mercury conducting ring.

1.6OMRON sensor.

1.7SMC/AirTAC pneumatic elements.

1.8USA FIFE web guider.

1.9Schmersal safety tape switch.

1.10The independent electronic cabinet is placed at the driving side of machine.

1.11All hot melt adhesive machines are placed at the driving side of machine, adhesives’ nozzle with LED light.

1.12Finished products output area has signal light and phase position adjusting knob (Display during different materials splicing process).

1.13Touch screen operation method.

1.14Japan KEYENCE product surface spot inspection system(Human eyesight visible spot inspection, spot diameter≥1.5mm, like mosquito, fly, human hire, glue drop etc ). This system has inspection, removing and alarming functions.


2.1Italy Tgbelt timing belt transmission.

2.2Italy Tgbelt flat belt conveyer, vacuum moving method.

2.3Use Japan or EU brand bearing.

2.4Machines main frame use strengthen structure.

2.5Machines main panel use high accuracy CNC fabrication process.

2.6All cutting tools and anvil use high speed alloy.

2.7The non-woven fabric slitting tools use shearing method to enhance its service life.

2.822KW and above capacity bowers, crushers use variable frequency motors.

2.9Dust collection use OSPREY system.

2.10Back ear materials width is 140/160mm.

3.0Hot-melt adhesive system :

USA Nordson system.

4.0Code printer(Prepared by buyer)

5.0Spare parts:Please check the attachment

T shape baby diaper machine in user workshop, max working speed can reach 600 PPM.
T shape baby diaper machine | RCH Machinery

RCH is a professional diaper machine manufacturer, we make T shape baby diaper machines for many diaper manufacturers, as one of the leading manufacturers of diaper making machines, our diaper making machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performances, quality and process reliability.

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