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  • Q: How can I get the quotation proposal?

  • A: You can send us an inquiry by e-mail or website message. If you have a product drawing for our reference would be better.

  • Q: Are you a machine manufacturer or a trading company?

  • A: We are a machine manufacturer, we have own R&D department too, welcome to visit us anytime.


  • Q: Do you have multilingual OP system on your machine?

  • A: Not yet, only English version & Chinese version, but we will provide multilingual version handle manuals for user.


  • Q: Could you supply the raw materials?

  • A: Yes, of course, not only the raw materials, but also sapre parts and consumables.


  • Q: If I need to change certain spare parts, how can I confirm the item with you?

  • A: Each spare part on our machine has a unique code number, and our database has detailed information. We can send it to you from our warehouse or suggest you buy it in your local market.


  • Q: How long is the warranty period of the machine?

  • A: 365 consecutive nature days, from the date of acceptance, but during the warranty period, the buyer should not remove or change crucial parts from the machine by themselves without the seller's approval.


  • Q: What auxiliary equipment do you need for the machine? Does it need a cooling water tower?

  • A: The only auxiliary equipment needed is the air compressor, with no need for any cooling water.


  • Q: Will you help us train our workers?

  • A: Sure, you can send 1 or 2 technicians to our factory to be trained how to run the machine before shipment. When the machine arrives at your side, we can send our technicians to your side to install and test the machine and train your workers as well.

  • Q: Is it possible to see your machine running when we inspect your factory?

  • A: We can take you to visit our customer's workshop directly or show you machines running videos.


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