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Anhui RCH Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "RCH") was established in July 2020. It's a professional high-end equipment 
manufacturer of disposable hygiene products integrating design, R&D and manufacturing. 

RCH always focuses on new technology R&D of the machinery of disposable hygiene products for feminines, babies, adults, pets etc. Our principles and philosophy are customer-centered, people-oriented, continuous innovation, scientific development. We uphold a rigorous attitude, introduce cutting-edge intelligent control technology, to provide users with high-quality, high-efficiency intelligent production equipment.

RCH can supply high-performance machines for domestic and overseas customers, at the same time, a comfortable turnkey service is in place, and we can customized factory program according to your needs.In the R&D of artificial intelligence application technology, RCH has never stopped, we take intelligentize , automation, fewer workers, customization, low energy consumption as the ultimate goal to achieve the maximization of the interests of customers. The data processing system based on the Internet of Things achieves the informatization of the whole process of equipment management and maintenance, which brings great convenience to users.

RCH, your reliable partner!




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High-end hygiene machinery, your reliable partner

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Tel : +86 159 5660 6887
Add : C6, Yongfeng Industrial Park, Dadukou Town, Dongzhi County, Chizhou city, Anhui Province, China.
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