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How To Choose A Suitable Diaper Machine For Diaper Manufacturing

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

According to the sales performance of baby diapers in developing countries in recent years, we have analyzed the baby diapers market in developing countries. We believe that Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia are the markets with the fastest growth and the greatest potential for all daily necessities. Baby diapers and The adult diaper market have just started. This is the best time to invest in this industry, a good opportunity to seize the market, investing in diaper manufacturing projects.

For a good diaper project, strong market demand is a necessary condition for the success of the project, and a diaper converting machine is the basic condition for the completion of the project. Therefore, choosing the right diaper machine determines the material conditions. We must fully understand the current status, manufacturing level, and R&D direction of the current baby diaper converting machine manufacturing industry, and understand the machine structure and configuration (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, process control, and automation) Level), performance, select multiple diaper machine manufacturers for comparison, consult different diaper machine factories, see how they promote their products, find out the common points and differences, and choose the right diaper machine after comprehensive analysis. There are industry experts. Several Chinese machinery manufacturing companies have been screened and compared carefully. The following points are provided for reference when choosing a diaper-making machine.

1) The current level of China's domestic baby diaper manufacturing industry

The Diaper converting machine was first developed and manufactured in Europe and the United States, and introduced in Japan to deepen the improvement. Therefore, the current diaper machine manufacturing level is the best: Italy Fameccanica and GDM, and Japan Zuiko. These brand-name baby diaper machines are expensive, a huge one-time investment and maintenance costs are too high, and ordinary small and medium-sized companies will not buy them.

At present, several major companies selling diapers in the domestic market (P&G, Kimberly-Clark, HENGAN group, BJBEST) have entered the diaper machine since 2012. From old to new, semi-automatic to semi-servo, semi-servo to full-servo, low-speed to high-speed During the replacement period, the current diaper-making machine pursues high speed, stability, less waste, and smart and simple operation. The manufacture of China's diaper machine has changed from the introduction of European and American equipment to be transformed into localization, but the key function configuration still retains the international famous brand, which can ensure the stable performance of the Chinese diaper machine, the increase of speed, the reduction of failure rate, the improvement of automatic control accuracy, and the basic satisfaction Production demand. Low prices and easy maintenance are the preferred conditions for small and medium-sized companies, so domestic diaper machines are favored by small and medium-sized companies. Domestic companies that manufacture mid-to-high-end diaper converting machines are mainly concentrated in Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province, China. Italy's Fameccanica and GDM have also set up manufacturing bases and joint ventures in China, but their diaper converting machines are more expensive than Chinese diaper converting machines. . We recommend buying a Chinese diaper machine. There are several excellent diaper machine manufacturing companies in China, Anhui RCH Machinery Co., Ltd is one of them.

2) Process and composition of baby diaper converting machine

The baby diaper making machine production line is divided into four processes according to the completed process combination: 1. Forming and wrapping process. The main production equipment includes fans, recycling machines, glue machines, crushers, forming drums, transition rollers, flat belts, conveying mechanisms, etc.; Second, a full set of packaging procedures for the absorbent core. The main equipment includes fans, recycling machines, glue machines, pressure rollers, adsorption, cutters, rubber, tension transition rollers, unwinding mechanisms, drive shafts, flat belts, etc.; 3. Three-dimensional leak-proof accessories installation procedures. The main equipment includes glue machine, enterprise identity slitting, left and right waist cutting knives, front waist cutting knives, arc knives, tail knives, tension transition rollers, etc.; 4. Finished product packaging process. The main equipment has one or two rows of mouths, blades, stacking machines, three-folding, automatic sorting and packaging machines (the machine manufacturing company does not provide it, but the buyer can choose it by himself).

3) Web guiding control system

In the diaper converting machine, apart from the hot melt adhesive which is in the melt flow state and the SAP which is in the granular state, dozens of other materials are soft coils and all have different stretch rates. Therefore, in the production, the speed, position, tension, deviation and other values of each coil must be controlled to ensure the stable production of the machine. At present, the pursuit of production machinery continues to increase speed and improve product quality, while continuously reducing energy consumption and raw material consumption, reducing the number of machine failures and shutdowns during production. Therefore, a set of coil guide and correction system is one of the guarantees of modern machine technology and craftsmanship. It is very important for Diaper machine to choose a corrective control system with fast response, accuracy and stable work. According to different materials, there are various drive structures and types of the correction system, and there are also many kinds of electric eyes for detection. The controller should adopt a digital controller. The detailed and technical requirements are not mentioned in detail. Diaper machine manufacturers generally configure Taiwan-made correction control systems for diaper making machines. The quality is better in Japan, Germany, and the United States (like MAXCESS, TOYO, E+L (ERHARDT+LEIMER)).

4) Servo-motor control system

The high-speed fully automatic diaper machine can complete multiple processes at high speed and stably, so that the diaper can be integrated organically and completely, relying on the development and application of the servo control system. The servo control system makes the mechanism of the assembly line production machine simpler, the actuator transmission and speed adjustment are simple, and a large number of transmission points are reduced, so that the friction points of the machine are reduced to a minimum, and the machine runs more smoothly, with low noise and low energy consumption. The complex actuators replaced by servo motors (like two-, three-, and four-bar linkage mechanisms, convex-concave gear mechanisms, planetary mechanisms, feeding mechanisms, etc.) are output by the servo control system suitable for the digital mechanical language of each servo motor of the dialer making machine. Servo motor control completes the technological functions set by the program. Therefore, it is very important for the servo control system to ensure that each function point of the dialer converting machine completes the process. Domestically manufactured diaper machines are equipped with Japanese MITSUBISHI (PLC + touch screen + servo control system + frequency conversion control system). If users want to match German SIEMENS, American AB, they must increase the price by more than 30%. Japan's MITSUBISHI servo control system is widely used, with reliable quality and moderate price. I think choosing MITSUBISHI can meet the technical requirements of the diaper machine.

5) Hot melt machine

Diaper is a coated product made up of more than ten kinds of raw materials, so the material needs to be wrapped, bonded, and compounded to form the function of the product. Adhesive is indispensable, hot melt machine is a supporting machine that provides this function. Accurate location, optimal glue volume, spraying form that meets product process requirements, continuous or intermittent time control, optimal melting temperature and thermal insulation control of the glue box, frequency conversion control of the glue pump, wear resistance, high temperature resistance Deformation, high-precision nozzles that are not easy to be blocked, sensitive and accurate nozzle control system. The quality and failure rate of the melter are directly related to the genuine rate of the diaper and the stable production of the diaper machine. Therefore, the melter is one of the key components of the diaper converting machine. If the user does not specify a melter manufacturing company, the diaper machine factory will generally provide you with domestically produced melters (NDC, Taiwan Yihe, HuangSang, HuangXin, etc.). The glue pump, nozzle and nozzle control system of the domestic hot melt machine work stably. But many buyers specify the brand hot melt machine. Like ITW Dynatec and Nordson in the United States, the price is very expensive, each melter is about 50,000 US dollars.

6) Fluff-pulp board crusher

The Fluff-pulp board crusher

It is the top machine of the diaper making machine. Its main function is to tear the fluff-pulp board into a fluff state to ensure that the fluff pulp is fully lifted up on the forming roller during air delivery. Therefore, the diaper absorber has no lumps, hard blocks, no broken waist, and a comfortable feel to touch with the machine. This machine has the highest power of the diaper converting machine. The machine speed is also very high. Very loud noise is its biggest disadvantage. The tearing pulp board and fluff flowers rely on high-speed and wear-resistant saw blades. The teeth of the saw blade must be Wear resistance can ensure a long replacement cycle, high quality of pulp board fluffing, and the material of the saw blade and the uniform quality must be good. The diaper machines made in China are matched with domestic crushers, which can basically meet the requirements. The price abroad is definitely expensive. I think choosing a Chinese-made grinder can basically meet the requirements of use.

Based on the above experience:

1) Because the diaper Converting machine is composed of multiple functional processes, the fully automatic control system of PCL+ touch screen + servo + frequency conversion should be selected to ensure the stable production of the machine and keep low failure rate and high qualified rate.

2) The key supporting machines must be famous brand components, such as hot Melt Machine, Web Guider and servo Motor.

3) Electric control configuration should choose MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, AB, Schneider, OMRON).

4) Mechanical transmission accessories should be made from Germany, Japan and Sweden (bearings). The tool used in the whole production line can choose FINKL from the United States.

5) The choice of manufacturing company must pay attention to the advanced degree of the company's machine manufacturing machine, which is related to the accuracy of the manufactured machine parts and the stability of the assembly line.

6) To understand the configurations of the diaper making machine in detail, it was necessary to know the configurations to evaluate the machine and estimate the overall quality of the machine.

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