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Great News! | RCH Machinery successfully passed the SGS quality management system certification

Recently, after a professional, rigorous and comprehensive audit by the third party authority (SGS), Anhui RCH Machinery CO., LTD. (RCH Machinery) successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and obtain the certificate issued by SGS.

Passing the ISO9001 certification marks that RCH Machinery has established a quality management system in line with international standards, and has entered the procedual and standardized modern enterprise management track, which is an important milestone in the quality management work of RCH Machinery.

RCH Machinery always pays attention to the new technology research and development of disposable sanitary products and equipment, such as women, adults and pets. the company adheres to customer-centered, people-centered, continuouus innovation, scientific development, adheres to intelligent contro cutting-edge technology, and provides users with high quality and efficient intelligent equipment. Since its establishment, RCH Machinery has been fousing on the leadership role of managers at all levels, as well as the quality improvement concept of full participation, through the process of quality management and quality standards, and strive to provide customers with more reliable products and services.

In the future, RCH Machinery will strictly implement the quality management system and regulatiions, futher optimize and standardize the management system, constantly improve the effectiveness of system operation, enhance the company' brand and service awareness, and better provide customers with high-quality services!

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