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RCH | Professional supplier high-performance intelligent machines

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the national economy, the foundation of the country, a tool for strengthening the province, and the foundation for enriching the people. The "Made in China 2025" strategy outlines the direction for the development of China's manufacturing industry. RCH Machinery as part of the strategic layout of "Made in China 2025" in Anhui, is contributing to the development of Anhui's manufacturing industry with a vigorous development trend.

RCH Machinery, located in Dadukou Town's Economic Development Zone, Chizhou City, is an equipment manufacturer of high-end disposable hygiene products that integrates research, development, manufacturing, sales and service. We are deeply involved in the industry, adhering to our service concept of "continuously creating maximum value for customers" and using cutting-edge intelligent control technology to provide users with high-quality, efficient equipment. We strive to turn our technical advantages into customers' competitive advantages in the market.

Technology-oriented, we continuously invest in researching and developing new technologies, obtaining over 30 patents and being recognized as the "Chizhou Engineering Technology Research Center" as well as a "high-tech enterprise". In 2021 and 2023, our "full servo disposable under pad converting machine" and the "full servo sanitary napkin pants converting machine" were respectively selected as the first major technical equipment in Anhui Province.

At present, we offer five production lines capable of producing 21 types of differentiated hygiene products, ranging from feminine to babies, adults, and pets. Our core R&D and marketing teams have worked hard to expand our machinery market space and customer base both domestically and abroad. With continuous accumulation, we have gained rich experience in serving customers. Adhering to the concept of "constant innovation and enhanced core competitiveness", we have established and improved our modern enterprise management system, thus increasing our management level.


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