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Application of the visual detection system in the production process of sanitary napkins

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The demand of human society for disposable hygiene products such as diapers and sanitary napkins is constantly increasing. The market's production capacity and quality requirements for diapers and sanitary napkins are also constantly improving. Because non-woven fabrics are the main substrates of diapers and sanitary napkins, their surface quality will directly affect the quality of finished products and the safety of users in the later period. Due to the current production environment and production process of domestic diapers and sanitary napkins, it is easy to cause defects such as mosquitoes, black spots, metal chips, stains, pulp blocks, impurities and other defects on the surface of the materials during the production process. and other problems, the traditional manual visual inspection cannot meet the quality standards of hygiene products.(Sanitary napkin made by sanitary pad machine, or sanitary napkin making machine)

The visual detection system can perform high-speed and high-precision online detection of surface defects for 7*24 hours on the sanitary napkin production line running at high speed. Automatic detection and alarm for defects such as mosquitoes, black spots, impurities, foreign bodies, stains, pulp blocks that affect product quality in the later stage, while improving the quality of sanitary napkins, it saves labor costs and improves the competitiveness of enterprise products. The detector has been recognized by more and more sanitary pad manufacturers, and it has become an important functional configuration on the sanitary pad making machine.

How Does the visual detection system work? Machine vision system uses a CCD-based camera to capture a target image and converts it into image signal. Base on the image pixel distribution, brightness and its own color character in the image, it will be digitalized and characterized, such as stain, area, quantity, length ect. which are extracted according to a pre-defined routine by the image processing system. These features are then compared with stored reference patterns and output data, such as size, angle, quantity, qualified/disqualified, exist/non-exist, for achieving automatic recognition.

Defect Detection System for Sanitary Napkin

Inspection Items

• Core: presence, position on back-sheet, dimension measurement

• Top layer: contaminations ≥0.5mm

• Acquisition distribution layer: presence, misalignment, folding

• SAP: presence, misalignment, folding

• Wings: abnormal folding

• Wing tape: presence, misalignment folding

• Center tape: presence, misalignment, folding

• Pouch pack: folded product in the sealing, empty pack

• Disposable tape: presence, misalignment

• Back sheet: contaminations, foreign objects

• Date code: presence, position, character correctness

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The sanitary napkin is named a sanitary towel, feminine napkin, menstrual pad, someone call it ladies napkin or sanitary pad. Its production machinery is named a sanitary napkin converting machine, but some makers call it a sanitary pad converting machine, or sanitary napkin making machine, no matter its name is sanitary pad machine or sanitary napkin machine, most people like calling it as sanitary napkin making machine.

A qualified sanitary napkin machine manufacturer should be able to design and make a whole sanitary napkin production line for the user, they should focus on the absorbent core forming process of sanitary pad, an excellent sanitary napkin making machine must match with an excellent SAP application system(weight control system) and absorbent core forming section first.

RCH Machinery is a professional sanitary napkin machine maker, RCH is good at sanitary pad production line design and sanitary napkin making machine manufacturing, RCH already built many successful sanitary napkin production lines.

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