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Several factors affect the service life of the rotary cutter

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Whether you operate a diaper making machine or sanitary pad making machine, you probably have one or more sets of rotary cutters on your diaper production line or sanitary pad production line. Then you will be faced with the maintenance and maintenance of the rotary cutter, that’s not an easy job, you can save lots of money and energy when you take the correct method to use the rotary cutter.

As a professional sanitary napkin making machine & diaper pants making machine manufacturer, we can tell users responsibly that rotary cutters are high-value assemblies, and their costs are expensive. Typically, the cost of rotary cutters used in diapers is higher than sanitary napkins, the composite bottom film will consume the life of the rotary cutter faster than the ordinary bottom film. Let's take the rotary cutter used in the production of sanitary napkins and diapers to discuss the factors that affect the service life of rotary cutter.

The reasons for the rotary cutter itself

1. The metal material is uneven and the structure is not dense.

2. The rotary cutter does not match the linear speed of the machine.

3. The heat treatment has not done well, and the hardness and grain size was not up to standard.

4. The accuracy and roughness of cylindrical grinding are not up to standard.

5. The sharpening process is not good, the cutting edge is rough or uneven, and the angle is inconsistent.

6. The structure of the cutter is not good, the angle of the cutting edge is wrong, the protrusion of the cutting edge is unreasonable, the assembly structure is unreasonable, and the arrangement of the transition edge is unreasonable.

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Influencing factors from the cutter frame

1. The rationality of the structure of the frame will take influence the use effect of the rotary cutter.

2. The accuracy of the frame is not enough, resulting in the parallelism of the center of the upper and lower shafts being out of tolerance (generally not more than 0.03mm).

3. The rigidity of the frame is insufficient, the stability is not enough, and the repeated positioning accuracy is poor.

4. The bearing accuracy is poor and does not meet the requirements.

Influencing factors from the machine

1. Rigidity

2. Transmission structure

3. Pressurized structure

4. Whether the overall stability of the equipment is reliable at high speed

Influencing factor from the hot melt adhesive

The quality of the hot melt glue machine is poor, the amount of glue used is too large, and the glue output is unstable, a bad condition for the cutter.

Influencing factors from the debugger (Human factor)

1. Lack of experience and ability, as a professional sanitary pad machine & diaper making machine manufacturer, we can tell users responsibly that rotary cutter life depends greatly on the experience and competence of the debugger.

2. The debugger can correctly recognize and judge the failure state of the cutter, especially the curling edge and the breakage of edge.

3. Regularly organize professionals to conduct scientific inspection and maintenance of machines and cutters. Make a record of sharpening the cutter and make a record of pressure.

4. The debugger's sense of responsibility and work attitude are important factors.

Influencing factors from the material being cut

1. The sanitary napkin base film also influences the cutting effect.

2. Generally speaking, the service-life of a set of rotary cutters when cutting composite bottom film is only about 70% of the service-life of the ordinary bottom film.

3. Diaper rotary cutter’s service life shorter than sanitary pad cutter’s service-life, the former has only half the working life of the latter. Because the product structure of diapers is different from that of sanitary napkins.

4. Rotary cutter service life

Composite bottom film cutting < Diaper cutting < Sanitary pad cutting

Applications of rotary cutter, it’s suit for sanitary pad making machine and sanitary napkin making machine, for diaper making machine & diaper pants making machine, for many kinds of disposable hygiene product machinery.

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sanitary pad making

The reasonable rotary cutting solutions increase efficiency and reduce waste in the production of diaper, sanitary pad, and other disposable hygiene products. By analyzing the entire process around the cutting unit and evaluating the customer requirements, a good rotary cutter supplier can provide effective recommendations to improve overall productivity and minimize downtime.

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