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Anhui RCH Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional machinery manufacturer in the disposable and hygiene product industry. RCH always focuses on new technology R&D of the machinery of disposable and hygiene products such as feminine hygiene, baby hygiene, adult hygiene, we are good at sanitary pad machine,diaper machine, lady napkins machine engineering and manufacturing.

We are a professional diaper machine maker,a diaper machine manufacturer,as many diaper makers diaper machine supplier,we provide many diaper making machine for users,we are an reliable diaper machine factory,please try our diaper converting machine,you will get high quality diaper machine from RCH.

4  series converting machinery

21 kinds of differentiated disposable sanitary products machines

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Machinery engineering & manufacturing

R&D Department
32 Patents
12 years manufacturing experience

A to Z solutions & Turn key service

Provide one stop solution for customer

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Our New Technologies

Elastic fabric composite equipment

It's used in diaper,sanitary napkin pants, disposable underwear products to replace traditional elastic materials. 

Ultrasonic rotary welding mechanism

It's used in pull-up diaper pants,sanitary napkin pants continuous ultrasonic welding, high efficiency, high strength.


Electronic rotary speed servo transposition and transverse change device

It's used in diaper,sanitary napkin, diaper pants, napkin pants products size change, one key switch, no complicated size change process, save time, improve efficiency.


High-end hygiene machinery, your reliable partner

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About us
Tel : +86 159 5660 6887
Add : C6, Yongfeng Industrial Park, Dadukou Town, Dongzhi County, Chizhou city, Anhui Province, China.
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