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  • How To Choose A Suitable Diaper Machine For Diaper Manufacturing


    According to the sales performance of baby diapers in developing countries in recent years, we have analyzed the baby diapers market in developing countries. We believe that Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia are the markets with the fastest growth and the greatest potential... Read More

  • CIDPEX 2021 EXHIBITION - China (Nanjing)


    CIDPEX 2021 EXHIBITION - China (Nanjing) , Anhui RCH Machinery Co., Ltd. Read More

  • What’s the advantage of RCH diaper making machine?


    1. RCH machinery can guarantee the quality of its machines.We are a professional high-end equipment manufacturer of disposable hygiene products integrating design, R&D and manufacturing. We have many years of industry experience and successful cases,are committed to the field of disposable hygiene e Read More

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese Disposable Hygiene Products Industry


    In early 2020, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 spread over the world. It will inevitably cause heavy losses to global economy, bringing many uncertainties to future development. However, absorbent hygiene products are characterized by rigid demand, and the effects of COVID-19 on product Read More

  • What materials are used to make diapers?


    What materials are used to make diapers?Disposable diapers are made from common materials that have a long history of safe use in a variety of everyday consumer products. An average diaper weighs between 1.4 and 1.8 ounces and is primarily made of cellulose, polypropylene, polyethylene and a super a Read More

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