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Napkin Pants Converting Machine

This converting machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performances, quality and process reliability.
It good at ladies napkin pants manufacturing.
Daytime use  & Overnight use sanitary napkin pants, size : M/L/XL
  • FS-JQK
  • RCH
  • 2006 / 3006

Napkin pants machine

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Our napkin pants machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performances, quality and process reliability.

It's good at ladies napkin pants, sanitary pants, menstrual pants manufacturing.

Model : FS-JQK

Brand : RCH

Daytime use sanitary napkin pants & Overnight use sanitary napkin pants, Size : M/L/XL

Main functions and features:

◎ Napkin pants converting machine

◎ Flexible, modular design, easy to upgrade and reform in future

◎ Suitable for three sizes products: M/L/XL

◎ Pulp & SAP mixed absorbent core

◎ Precise SAP feeding

◎ PLC + touch screen (HMI interface)

◎ Spot detection system, image detection system & metal detection system

◎ Easy maintenance: remote maintenance by electric programs

◎ Automatic stacker or automatic packer (optional)

◎ Dust collector (optional)

Technical parameters:

◎ Steady speed : 300PPM

◎ Passing rate : ≥97%

◎ Production efficiency : ≥86%

◎ Installed power : ≈600KW

◎ Equipment dimension : L 45m x W 9m x H 4.5m

◎ Equipment weight : ≈100MT

◎ Working pressure : 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

◎Power supply : 380V, 50Hz

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RCH, focus on R&D and manufacturing, your reliable hygiene products machinery partner.
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