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Pampers launches hybrid diapers

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P&G has launched the Pampers Total Care series hybrid diapers.This is the company's first part-reusable, part-disposable diaper product.

Featuring trusted Pampers technology, these diapers use 25% less disposable material and provide superior dryness and leak-proof protection.


In a recent survey, Pampers found that nearly half of parents have tried cloth diapers, but not many continue to use them because of frequent leaks, and frequent changes mean more washing. Pampers Total Care Hybrid Diapers combines the features of cloth diapers and disposable diapers by combining a soft, reusable cloth outer layer with a disposable inner layer that keeps moisture away from the skin and locks in urine for up to 12h, helping to keep baby's skin dry and healthy while reducing waste.

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The company says it created the hybrid diaper because it wanted to produce less waste with the convenience and protection of a disposable nappy. The launch of these diapers is one of the company's steps towards sustainability.

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Pampers Total Care Hybrid diapers are made from vegetable fibre nonwovens and are enriched with shea butter and other selected raw materials. It is made with Pampers Super Absorbent core and has a long, three-dimensional circumference to prevent leakage. The diaper also contains a 'universal size' super soft, reusable cloth base layer made from high quality fabric with adjustable leg elastic and waist buckle for multiple changes. The machine washable base layer is easy to clean and simple to wash. The base layer comes with 14 lively and fun patterns (fruits, animals and sweet slogans) for parents to customise with their choice.

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