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Fully Automatic Baby Pull-up Diaper Manufacturing Machine

Machine Name : Fully Automatic Baby Pull-up Diaper Manufacturing Machine
  • Condition : New
  • Place of Orign : Anhui, China
  • Product Type : Baby Pull-up Diaper Machine
  • Computer Control Penal : Yes
  • Warranty period: 1 Year
The machine has T shape type / Tri-layers type, O shape type / double layers type, Velcro-type baby pull-up diaper manufacturing modes for choose.
  • FS-YLK
  • RCH

baby diaper pants machine 1

Main Technical Parametereffect drawing of pull-ups

Mode : FS-YLK  

Automatic Grade : Full Automatic

Original Place : Anhui, China

Condition : New

Product Type : Baby Pull-up diaper Machine

Marketing Type : New Product 2022

Core Components : PLC, Motor, Bearing

Steady speed : 600PPM (M size)

Working pressure : 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

Transmission mode : Full servo motor

Safety Standard :CE

Product Size : M L XL

Production efficiency :≥86%

Passing rate :≥97%

Power supply : 380V, 50Hz

Control Method : HMI Touch

Equipment dimension : L 45m x W 9m x H 4.5m

Install power : ≈600KW

Total weight : ≈100MT

Wastage :≤3%

Certification : CE, UL, 3C

Power Supply Required:3 phases 380V AC, 50HZ 3ph + N

Air compressor capacity : 3m³/min,0.6-0.8Mpa(Prepared by buyer)


  1. Fully servo motor driving system for precise transmission.

  2. The raw material adopts the central unwinding by constant tension mechanism (except for pulp, elastic & discard sticker).

  3. Each motion unit take independent servo motor, to enhance the accuracy of transmission and the stability of machine.

  4. The quantity of SAP and fluff pulp can be adjusted freely.

  5. Automatic hot melt adhesive spray, automatic pause, support manual control mode changing.

  6. Pulp & SAP mixed absorbent core.

  7. Automatic stacker or automatic packer (optional).

  8. Touchable Screen:Machine switch on/off,running speed,time,counting pieces,parameter setting,alarm,error

    display,error enquiry(functions setting appear on screen are different according to different machine type)

  9. United Sates Allen-Bradley series full servo shaft-less transmission & control system.

  10. The machine has the raw material breakage inspection, the material absence inspection, the raw material automatic splicing inspection, automatic counting functions etc.

  11. The raw material adopts the automatic splicing method, (except for pulp, elastic & discard sticker).

  12. Spot detection system, image detection system & metal detection system.

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