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Full Servo Controlled Sanitary Machinery Factory

High speed automatic sanitary pad making machine / production line

Stable output capacity of 800~1200 pieces per minute

Type: Laminating Machine
Automatic grade: Full Automatic
Certification: CCC
Condition: New
Process: Finishing Process Machine
Customization: Available
  • FS-WSJ
  • RCH

lady napkins machine 306KB    卫生巾 日用 效果图

Main Technical Parameters


Brand Name:RCH


Product Object: Lady

Product Type:Sanitary pad

Total weight: ≈60MT

Warranty period: 1 Year

Place of Origin:Anhui, China

Machine Color:customization

Installed power:≈360kw


Marketing Type : New Product 2022

Machine size:28m*8m*4.5m(L*W*H)

Stable Speed: 800-1200pcs/min

Raw material : Non woven, PE, Fluff pulp, SAP

Automatic Grade :Full automatic

Output products from this machine : mini pad,daytime use pad,overnight use pad,extra length overnight use pad,maternity napkin.                                  

Main functions and features:

  1. Easy-wrap design: Vertically wrapped or horizontally wrapped for option.

  2. Built-in automatic inspecting and eliminating defects.

  3. Suitable for producing fluff products pr air-laid ultra-thin products.

  4. Full servo auto controlling system and 800-1200 pcs/min high speed production.

  5. The machine has the raw material breakage inspection, the material absence inspection, the raw material automatic splicing inspection, automatic counting functions etc.

  6. The quantity of SAP and fluff pulp can be adjusted freely.

  7. Sanitary pad converting machine for day or nigh use with different sizes.

  8. World famous brand components.

  9. Produce mini pad,daytime use pad,overnight use pad,extra length overnight use pad,maternity napkin according to the order.

  10. Full servo automatic sanitary pad machinery.

  11. With or without wings, with tissue paper or without tissue paper.

  12. Side leakage protection, 3D absorbent core, etc. for option.


RCH, focus on R&D and manufacturing, your reliable hygiene products machinery partner.
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