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Full Servo Controlled Baby Diaper Making Machine

Full Servo Controlled BabyDiaper making machine

Power Supply : 3 Phase 380V AC, 50HZ 3ph + N

Production mode : Full automatic flow line

Products structure and dimension: Base on product drawing.

Motor : Servo motors

Control method : PLC

Control Power Supply : 24V DC

Wastage rate : ≤3%

Production Efficiency : ≥85%

Color : customizable

Size : NB, S, M, L, SL, XL, XXL.
Material composition: Leakproof Cuff NW, Topsheet NW, Back Sheet NW, Barrier NW, ADL,Tissue,Celliulose, SAP + Pulp Mixed Core, Perfume, Front Ear NW, Back Sheet PE, Frontal Tape, Side Tape, Elastic Back Ear, Leg Elastic, Barrier Elastic, Glue General, Glue Elastic and etc.


Design speed: 600PPM /Production speed: 500PPM

(The production speed is related to the machine configuration, product structure, raw materials quality and operator level)

Control Power Supply: 24V DC

Power Supply: 3 Phase 380V AC, 50HZ 3ph + N

Power: ~550KW (Final confirmation according to the machine design)

Required Air Compressor: 3m³/min, 0.6-0.8Mpa (Air source supplied by the Customer)

Dimension: L~45m, W~10m, H~5m (Final confirmation according to the machine design)

The type of the crusher: One set of crusher of untreated pulp.

Safety system:

Safety identification with CE standard.

All electrical parts comply with 3C UL or CE standard.

Anti-shock and lightning protecting system.

Safety cover protection.

Alarm system

devices, and labeled with warning plates and safety symbols.

Each power supply circuit and control circuit are relatively independent. If one line fails, other lines will

not be affected.

Switch and relay protection for each supply circuit and overload thermo-protection.

Emergency brake unit is equipped on the machine and machine will be stopped at any place.

Machine starts after alarm button is pressed.

Potentially dangerous parts (such as cutting tools, blades, etc.) are equipped with safety protection


  • FS-CNK
  • RCH

We are a professional baby diaper making machine maker in China, we make full servo controlled baby diaper making machine for diaper makers, our diaper making machine stand out for full modularity and full servo motors, for an easy setting and format change, highest performance, quality and process reliability. Our machine suit for baby pull up diaper, pull up pants, baby diapers, baby diaper pants manufacturing. 

Baby Diaper Machine

RCH Diaper making machine mode: FS-CNK

RCH Diaper making machine capacity: About 550kw

RCH Diaper making machine speed: Design speed 600PPM

RCH Diaper making machine Safety identification with CE standard.

RCH Diaper making machine layout: L40m * W9m *H4.5m (Adjustable)

RCH Diaper making machine control mode: Full servo motors controlled method.

All electrical parts comply with 3C,UL or CE standard.

儿童卫生用品 婴儿拉拉裤 效果图

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