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Baby Diaper Pants Machine Maker

Baby Diaper Pants Machine
  • Model:FS-YLK
  • Object :baby 
  • Machine type :baby diaper pants machine
  • Automatic Grade:Full Servo
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  • FS-YLK
  • RCH


Pull up diaper pants

Design speed : 600 PPM

Working speed : 600 PPM (e.g M size)

Wastage : ≤3%

Efficiency : ≥86%

Power : 3 phases 380V AC, 50HZ 3ph + N

Control power : 24V DC

Installed capacity : about 500KW (Final confirmation according to the machine design)

Air compressor capacity : 3m³/min,0.6-0.8Mpa(Prepared by buyer)

Location dimension : L~45m,W~9m,H~4.5m (Final layout according to the machine design)

Crusher type: one set of untreated pulp crusher.


Automatic counting and pushing function, but the pushing mechanism need the operator pre-prepare the open bag in the output mouth by hand.

Packing quantity : 12 pcs≤Per package≤44 pcs.

Bagging mouths : 2

Production speed: ≤20Pakages/min x 2 Output mouths

Compression ratio: ≤70%

Machine direction : Customizable

Machine color : Customizable

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