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Baby Diaper Machine Manufacturer

  • Place of Orign:Anhui, China
  • Voltage:380V
  • Product object:Baby
  • Product Type:Diaper Machine
  • Diaper Machine Color:customization
High speed automatic Baby pants making machine / production line

Stable output capacity of 600 pieces per minute or 36,000 pieces per hour.

Fully servo motor driving system.
  • FS-YNK
  • RCH



1, Fully servo motor driving system for precise transmission.

2, Waistline welding and integrate design cutout to make precise product shape.

3, Constant tension control rolling drive, Automatic non-stop roll replacing.

4, Positioned cutting functions for back sheet and paste ends.

5, Built-in automatic inspecting and eliminating defects.

6, Segment tension control of waistline elastic for making conformt of wear.

Technical parameters:

◎ Steady speed : 600~800PPM

◎ Passing rate : ≥97%

◎ Production efficiency : ≥86%

◎ Installed power : ≈450KW

◎ Equipment dimension : L 36m x W 9m x H 4.5m

◎ Equipment weight : ≈80MT

◎ Working pressure : 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

◎Power supply : 380V, 50Hz

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