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Adult Nappy Making Machine

Main functions and features:

◎ Suitable for three sizes products: M/L/XL

◎ Pulp & SAP mixed absorbent core

◎ Precise SAP feeding

◎ Automatic stacker or automatic packer (optional)

◎ Dust collector (optional)

◎ Adult diaper converting machine

◎ Flexible, modular design, easy to upgrade and reform in future

◎ PLC + touch screen (HMI interface)

◎ Spot detection system, image detection system & metal detection system

◎ Easy maintenance: remote maintenance by electric programs
  • FS-CNK
  • RCH

RCH Baby & Adult Diapers, Pants converting Machine - 353KB

Ⅰ. Machine name : Full Servo Controlled Adult Diaper Converting Machine

1.0  Mode: FS-CNK-3009

2.0  Basic Technical Parameters:

2.1  Finished product : T-shape diapers(S/M/L/size);

2.2  Products drawing :

Material composition:Leak-proof cuff NW, Top-sheet NW, ADL, Tissue, double cotton cores with SAP, Back sheet, Waist elastic band, Frontal waist tape, Right & left waist tape, Elastic thread, hot melt adhesive etc.

2.3  Design speed : 300PPM

Working speed : 260PPM (M size)

2.4 Wastage : ≤3%

2.5 Efficiency : ≥86%

2.6 Power : 3 phases 380V AC, 50HZ 3ph + N

2.7 Control power : 24V DC

2.8 Installed capacity : about 600KW

2.9 Air compressor capacity : 3m³/min,0.6-0.8Mpa(Prepared by buyer)

2.10     Location dimension : L~45m,W~8m,H~5m (Dust collection & Packing units inside)

2.11     Untreated pulp crusher : 2 units

2.12     Stacker :

2.12.1 Automatic counting and pushing function, but the pushing mechanism need the operator pre-prepare the open bag in the output mouth by hand.

2.12.2 Packing quantity : 10 pcs≤, 20pcs≤.

2.12.3 Bagging mouths : 2

2.12.4 Production speed: ≤15Pakages/min x 2 Output mouths

2.12.5 Compression ratio: ≤70%

2.13     Machine direction : Customizable

2.14     Machine color : Customizable

2.15     Safety measures:

2.15.1 Safety ID according to CE standard.

2.15.2 All electronic elements certified by 3C, UL or CE.

2.15.3 Anti-shock & anti-lightning.

2.15.4 Safety protection shield.

2.15.5 Potentially dangerous parts (such as cutting unit, blades, etc.) are equipped with safety measures, and are marked with warning signs and safety ID.

2.15.6 The machine is equipped with an emergency braking device, press it to stop the operation of the equipment immediately.

2.15.7 Each power supply circuit and control circuit are relatively independent. If a circuit fails, it will not affect other circuits.

2.15.8 Each circuit has air switch and relay protection measures, motor has over heat & over load protection.

2.15.9 Alarming system (sound and light alarming).

2.15.10 Machine start has automatic alarming process to remind workers.

Full Servo Adult   Diaper Converting Machine


Adult   diaper

Sticker type



Waist bond type


Steady speed

Passing   rate

Production   efficiency

Installed   power

Equipment dimension

Equipment weight

Working   pressure

Power   supply





L   45m x W 9m x H 4.5m


0.6   – 0.8 Mpa

380V,   50Hz

Technical parameters:

◎ Steady speed : 300PPM

◎ Passing rate : ≥97%

◎ Production efficiency : ≥86%

◎ Installed power : ≈600KW

◎ Equipment dimension : L 45m x W 9m x H 4.5m

◎ Equipment weight : ≈100MT

◎ Working pressure : 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

◎Power supply : 380V, 50Hz

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